FAN is a Karlsruhe (°C) based collective formed by 11 artists and designers. You can find us on Instagram or see our projects:

We are FAN Collective. A fan is someone who invests resources such as time and money into a passionate relationship to an external, public, either personal, collective, representational or abstract matter.

Our enthusiasm to realize projects at the intersection of arts and design has led us to combine our individual creative qualities to one broad spectrum — focusing no longer on the individual, but on the idea of the collective.

We aim to put every exhibition, event and ritual under one theme. From displayed objects to exhibition design and visual communication, we think holistically and examine each aspect from various perspectives. The name fan also refers to the topographical shape of the city Karlsruhe, the origin of the collective. From here, we want to establish our design positions, strengthen the regional culture and present it to an international audience.

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