FAN is a Karlsruhe (°C) based collective formed by 11 artists and designers. You can find us on Instagram or see our projects:

Frozen, canceled, postponed. Anyone not systemically relevant stays home. Work in times of Corona means no work for most people. All members of the FAN collective are also affected by this. But…

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FIG. 01: Exhibition at Haydnplatz (1/3)

FIG. 02: CAROUSEL objects overview (2/3)

FIG. 03: CAROUSEL objects overview (3/3)

…we are also young, agile, and don't have as much to lose as most other people. The possibility to make a virtue out of a necessity, to develop an evasive solution out of the restrictions of Covid-19 and to respond to changes in the outside world is close to us as designers and inherent in the creative flow of work.

All members of FAN live in Karlsruhe and so we are used to direct and fast exchange. The required contact restrictions challenge us as a collective to find new ways of working together. Apart from video conferencing, live streaming and online viewing rooms, we react to the (spatial) distance that has suddenly emerged between us: as a hybrid of our previously physical meetings, and the contactless online meetings, we integrate the new rules of contact limitations into our creative process, making them the central motor of our activity as a collective.

FAN N°4 follows the idea of Cadavre Exquis — all of us are working on all objects one after another. At the beginning, everyone puts an object into the cycle: 10 objects, 6 households - transported from door to door by bicycle, by car or on foot or handed over on spacious public squares, the objects, sculptures and furnitures wander through the city. Each intervention can provide a new function for the particular object or continue an already invested thought, consciously reject it, comment or manifest it. A simultaneous design process becomes a linear one.

There are almost no rules. Everyone has but the possibilities that his or her home offers, and every two days the objects move on to the next hand. After 22 days 11 different objects and an exhibition emerge. While almost all museums and cultural institutions are shifting their events to the web, our exhibition is to take place in the open air, under the statutes of the contact restrictions, with plenty of space and distance at the Haydnplatz Karlsruhe.

There will be no conventional invitation. People will visit the exhibition practically by accident, on their daily short walks in their own radius of action.

Exhibited works:

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